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Roleplaying Heskia

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This PC began as the "dark side" of Melorie, a cleric who believes in order and balance, possibly because there was so little of it when she was growing up in her Mom's whorehouse.

Unbeknownst to Melorie, she was 1/8 succubus. When "Uncle Eddie" began raping Melorie at the tender age of 9, Heskia awoke to cope with this when Melorie could not. Then when Melorie/Heskia reached puberty, strange things began happening, not the least of which was Uncle Eddie's sudden death due to Heskia's emerging vampiric drain.

Heskia was originally a multiple personality within Melorie, but "got her own body" during an adventure in the ShadowLands. For the most part, Heskia only drains bad guys—but her kisses do leave most fellas a bit weak in the knees.

She currently has a serious new disadvantage: Death Vision for anyone she touches! (Although she's been finding uses for this in combat!)


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