GURPS fantasy game - Boston

Players, Characters, and a Few NPCs

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We are a small group of players in this GURPS fantasy game, ranging from early 30s to mid-upper 50s. We love a good laugh and prefer roleplaying to roll-playing.

Meet our favorite PCs

Rashid—An "honest businessman" by day, an "entertainer" by night, his storeroom always has a few surprises.

Ilunid—This precocious young mage used to be a twin, several sets of them, but now they've all been reunited—and what a headache he got when the two girls briefly merged in the stew!

Carson & Cedric—These reluctant heroes have been rescuing not just damsels in distress (don't ask Carson about Moonbeam!) but unicorns!

Heskia—Voluptuous and deadly: Her kisses leave most fellas a bit weak in the knees. But lately, anyone she touches sees their Death Vision!

Some Key NPCs in the game

The Duke (but we don't meet him very often).

Buffy—flamboyant tavern owner.



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